So who are we?

Established in October 2009 and born from a love affair with film and illustration, Dark Bunny Tees is currently just one man, me, Alex Chenery.


I have always loved movies. I have always loved t-shirts. Essentially the main aim of Dark Bunny Tees was to create movie t-shirt designs that were more than just a corporate logo for the movie in question. Anyone can do that in my opinion. What I wanted to do was create movie t-shirt designs that were something new. My own spin on classic movies, but still incorporating those easter eggs and subtle references that purist fans of that movie will understand. I also wanted to create designs that just looked cool, even if you had no idea that it referenced a movie and designs that instantly says ‘Dark Bunny Tees’ – The market is a busy one and I want to stand out in it!

The knowing nod from a fellow movie buff is the ultimate reward.

In 2014 Dark Bunny Tees gained it’s own in-house screenprinting shop, which means the possibilities for the future are pretty much limitless!

Really hope you like the designs and many thanks for visiting the website.